Six spouses: the women that are real Henry’s misconception

Six spouses: the women that are real Henry’s misconception

Tonight, A bbc that is new drama documentary will explore the life of Henry VIII’s spouses. They’ve been underestimated by history, states Lucy Worsley. Could they be much more essential than Henry?

The names and fates of Henry VIII’s six spouses are drilled into Uk youngsters from an age that is early. Everyone understands the primary figures. There clearly was Catherine of Aragon, the bitter, infertile wife that is first. Ann Boleyn, the witch . Jane Seymour, their favourite. Anne of Cleves, the unsightly one. Katherine Howard, the promiscuous one. And Catherine Parr, whom nursed the fat, diseased Henry into later years.

But Six spouses, a fresh television show because of the historian Lucy Worsley, will try to throw these feamales in a light that is new. She claims they are misjudged by history — in reality these were thinkers that are modern and fascinating individuals in their own personal right.

Just Just Take Catherine of Aragon. She had not been infertile and bitter after all, states Worsley. The child of the fearsome warrior that is spanish , she ended up being pregnant six times, and she assisted Henry to rule in their 26-year marriage, also protecting England from invading Scots while he ended up being away.

Meanwhile, Anne Boleyn was ‘an admirable, forward-thinking girl,’ with an committed streak that 21st century females can admire. Anne of Cleves, after her divorce proceedings, had been one of many wealthiest ladies in England. Katherine Howard had not been a ‘harlot’ however a target of youngster punishment . Catherine Parr had been the very first girl to publish under her very own title in English.

Contemporary audiences will recognise one thing in every one of them, claims the show’s producer. 继续阅读Six spouses: the women that are real Henry’s misconception